Welcome to the Beans

byjurassicfx, WAX-Blockchain NFT Collection

Community focused

You as an part of the Beans is alway my top priority, i always encurage for feedback an ideas from my community as i strive to bring longterm sustainable value and rewards.
It is all about giving back and empowering the community. As i progress on my journey to become an skilled artist while focusing on what i can bring to my dear Beans (community members).
  • 💸 Reward distribution:
  • My Jellypool holders earn monthly airdrops currently in wombat and i spinn the wheel with nft rewards now and then, each jellypool nft also hold an share of the jellypool (fractionalized wallet). More will come when jellypool nfts are fully minted.
  • I do special drops where its not only collectables but also they get airdroped treats in some cases.
  • Almost my full collection is stakable in Dungeon masters game on WAX.
  • 🏆 Get Rewarded: Jellyworker Nft holders can stake their workers in my waxdao farm to earn $BEANS.
You can also stake your $BEANS on taco swap to earn nfts, wax and beans, dont forget to check the salsa pool taco-wax as our goal is top 3.
  • 🤝 Control the future of Jellypool: All major decisions and new ideas and features will be passed to our jellypool nft holders for a vote. Each nft held = 1 vote point
  • 🔥
    Burning happends now and then to sustains the healthy growth of token price.
Blends to recycle Nfts to avoid overminting is an regular activity.

I build for longterm sustainability

My focus while building is always community and longterm sustainability. Every action i make is to make sure the byjurassicfx ecosystem grows stronger and healthier. One of the ways im doing this is by looking at an wide array of passive incomes and slowly building those to make sure im not depending on nft sales alone. Maintaining Token price and making sure i take actions to prevent overminting dilution etc is always at mind.
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